2022/23 SBBA Welcome

Good Day Members,

I am excited to step into the role as President this 2022-2023 year. First, I want to thank our membership group for your participation with SBBA. Without your involvement, we would not have SBBA. Second, I want to thank Jessica Hockley for her leadership this last year, and SBBA’s Officers and Board of Directors commitment. Finally, congratulations is in order for our newest Secretary-Treasurer Jamie Reinschmidt. I want to focus our coming year on what I am calling the “Three R’s”—Radical, Revitalize, and Reconnect.

  • Radical.  Sometimes this is met with a negative meaning; however, I want to provide programming that is not the same each year. We will be providing events that will draw members in. For example, last fall we attended a Wine Vineyard. Members who attended mentioned how fun and different this event was. Before that, we introduced live online trivia, which was met with success. We are hoping to continue to expand on legal and social programming.
  • Revitalize.  Since my entry into SBBA, in 2018, I do not believe we had members participate regularly in our Standing Committees (Social/Program, Court Liaison/Scholarship, and LawDay/Community Education/Institutional Promotion), or Law Sections (e.g. Family, Criminal, Employment, etc.). These Committees and Sections are great opportunities for our members to have input in SBBA. Further, the Officers and Board of Directors do our best to provide our time; however, the support in these Committees and Sections from the membership would be greatly appreciated and mixes up the perspective of our leadership (in a good way).
  • Reconnect.  Since the outbreak of COVID-19, many of us had to work remotely or work a hybrid-like schedule. This caused many of us to lose that day-to-day contact with our colleagues. Our leadership realized many of our members may not reside in St. Cloud or in the surrounding area, which affected numbers at in-person events. We do not know when our members will return to their offices, but SBBA will need to be fluid with changes to work environments. With any in-person programming, SBBA will adhere to safety considerations, both State and Federal laws, for the protection of others.

Let’s all gather and root for the home team, SBBA! If there are any questions, feel free to contact our Officers, Board of Directors, or Administrator (Rachel Miller).

Alexander Michael Gutnik
President – SBBA