Minnesota Digital Exhibit System (MNDES)

The Minnesota Judicial Branch is committed to leveraging technology and innovation to provide a secure, consistent, and quality experience for people to interact with the courts and to improve court efficiencies.  The Minnesota Judicial Branch is currently rolling out a digital exhibit system (MNDES). The Seventh Judicial District is due to go live on August 22nd, 2022.

What is MNDES?

The Minnesota Digital Exhibit System (MNDES) is designed to be a single, common statewide solution for all digital exhibits. MNDES is a simpler, more secure way of managing digital exhibits than by email, network drives, or digital storage devices. MNDES is a web-based portal that streamlines exhibit management and provides:

  • A secure tool and centralized process that puts the user in control of managing their digital exhibits (audio, video, images, and documents).
  • Allows users to upload exhibit files, as well as access and review their uploaded exhibit files without having to visit a courthouse or rely on court staff.

What Do I Need to Do to Prepare?

  • Register to use the MNDES portal via mncourts.gov/mndes
  • Review the training and other resources available on that link.

Getting Started with MNDES

After registering, users will log into the portal and enter the county location and a case number to upload and manage their digital exhibits (audio, visual, images, and documents) for public and confidential cases.

MNDES creates a record for the exhibit, including date of submission, description, and status. The exhibits are stored in a secure platform and are not directly accessible or visible to the public.

Exhibits for sealed cases cannot be submitted via the MNDES portal. Contact Court Administration if you have exhibits to submit for a sealed case.

Do I Have to Use MNDES?

We strongly recommend you use MNDES. The application allows:

  • Attorneys, self-represented litigants, and justice partners to upload and manage their exhibit files, pull reports about uploaded exhibits, and add comments for exhibits.
  • Court clerks manage exhibits virtually.
  • Judges access exhibits and make comments/notes as needed within the platform.
  • Display exhibits during remote and in-person court hearings.
  • Jurors view digital exhibits during deliberations.
  • Judges may direct parties to use MNDES to submit exhibits.

For the most current information, please go directly to the Judicial Branch website HERE.